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Koizora Movie Ringtones

Now I share to you the ringtones from the Movie version of Koizora.

I uploaded Heavenly Days and Mr. Children's song in poliphonic and musicbox versions. I hope you like them.

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Koizora Movie ringtones

I hope you like them ^ ^ comments and requests are welcome ^ ^



Hi, replying to a request by astheniabullets I'm uploading ringtones from the dorama Kurosagi.

Well, the ringtones are the music box and polyphonic versions of the theme song "Daite Senorita"
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Kurosagi Ringtones Here



Replying to a request by astheniabullets Here are the ringtones from the dorama Maou:

There are 4 ringtones: Truth in poly and music box and Live/evil also in poly and musicbox version.
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Maou ringtones

Post a comment if you download these ringtones ^ ^
Request more ringtones ^ ^


Last Friends

Hello again, replying to nijiiroreiu
Here are Last friends ringtones ^ ^

These are the ringtones for the Last Friends theme song "Prisioner of Love" by Utada Hikaru.
There are 3 music box versions and the 3 of them sound different. I also uploaded the polyphonic version.
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Music Box 1
Music Box 2
Music Box-Long Version
Polyphonic version

Post a comment if you download these ringtones ^ ^
Request more ringtones ^ ^

Zettai Kareshi

Replying to a request for Zettai Kareshi ringtones, here it is:
What else can I say... Ah, I loved this dorama too

These are the ringtone versions of the Zettai Kareshi ending theme: Okaeri by Ayaka. There are 2 versions, one is polyphonic and the other is music box.

Okaeri - Polyphonic
Okaeri - Music box

PS. I look forward to your comments, that way I feel motivated to upload more tones for you. Make request of other ringtones you would like me to upload and... recommmend JDoramaKeitai to friends who love Japanese Dorama! ^ ^

Akai Ito

After a very long time of not-posting new ringtones I have the ringtones for the dorama Akai Ito which I just finished watching yesterday.

Two of these tones are slightly different ringtone versions of the Ending song "366日" by a band called HY, and then a long version (just in case you want to edit the tone yourself to the part you like ^ ^) And by the way, all sound like a music box.

Akai Ito Version 1

Akai Ito Version 2

Akai Ito - Long version
or links in megaupload:
Akai Ito Version 1
Akai Ito Version 2
Akai Ito - Long version


Ringtones from Koizora (Dorama)

Hi! Finally, here I have The ringtone that Mika used in her cellphone ^ ^ plus some extras, you decide which one you like ^ ^

Mika's ringtone
(the ringtone to the song of Bump of Chicken "Namida no Furusato" that Mika used)
Version 1 Version 2 Ai no Uta (Ringtone from the ending of the dorama) Ai no Uta ringtone or all of them in Megaupload: Koizora Ringtones
***If you download, don't forget to comment. That way I will keep posting more ringtones ^ ^


I'm a big fan of Japanese dorama and I also like my phone to play the  ringtone of the dorama that I'm watching or the dorama that I really liked.

I came up with this idea of sharing my dorama ringtones to those dorama fanatics out there ^ ^

I just started today, so if you have Japanese dorama ringtones you can join and post your tone, just specify:
-Title of the Dorama
-Name of the song/theme
-Format: (mp3 of midi preferred)
-Short or long version of the song
-of course, provide the link to download (rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, etc...)

I don't know what else... (^ ^;)

Ah, if you don’t have ringtones that you can share, then, join and then post what dorama ringtone you would like me to post here, and if I can make it available for u, I will post it.